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Solid game for April.

We saw 36 players for our April game, 7 fewer than the month before. Congrats to Patrick H. for winning all the chips and $280. Shawn S. sweetened his 2nd place finish with the $20 bounty for eliminating Brandon D., winner the prior tournament, in round 12. John K. leads the board for his 2nd month, improving to 115 points. Brandon also holds his prior position with 108 points for 2nd. Don R. falls to 6th, while Brian K. comes up to round out 3rd. It is still anyone's board.

Third League Tournament
1st Place
Patrick H.
$280 bounty
47 Points
2nd Place
Shawn S.
$175 + $20 bounty
44 Points
3rd Place
Tony S.
39 Points
4th Place
Brian K.
39 Points
5th Place
John K.
33 Points