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May the cards be with you.

May brought 36 players, same as the month prior. Congratulations to John K. for winning all the chips and $280, coming off a 5th place finish in April. Brandon N. added a $20 bounty to his 2nd place finish for eliminating Shawn S. John K. continues to pound points on the leaderboard, now at 160 and holding the top spot 3 months in a row. Despite a gain of 11 points, Brandon D falls to 3rd with 129, swapping places with Brian K in 2nd with 138.

Strange coincidents:

  • Last month and this month had 36 players.
  • 2nd plaace this month got the bounty; the same happened last month.
  • Last month, Shawn S. took out Brandon D. for bounty.
  • This month, Brandon N. took out Shawn S. for bounty.
  • Due to same players and bounty winner finish position, payouts were exactly the same for each spot as the month prior.

Fourth League Tournament
1st Place
John K.
$280 bounty
45 Points
2nd Place
Brandon N.
48 Points
3rd Place
Bobby A.
37 Points
4th Place
Brian K.
37 Points
5th Place
Richelle J.
35 Points