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Spooky Action

We were packed with 43 players for October. Congratulations to Shawn S. for taking down first. Shawn also managed to get the bounty on Charles M., when he was busted just inside the money. While improving his score by 4 points to 210, Brian K was surpased for the top spot by Tony Stover by 3 points. Gordon B. falls to 3rd, and Charles M. slips up to 4th after back to back cashings. The top 6 are separated by just 24 points, and this last tournament is sure to have fireworks!

Ninth League Tournament
1st Place
Shawn S.
$336 + $20
60 Points
2nd Place
Bob P.
51 Points
3rd Place
Susan L.
48 Points
4th Place
Steve W.
44 Points
5th Place
Charles M.
40 Points