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Wake Me Up When September Ends

We had 30 players for our September game. Congratulations to Charles M. for taking down first but he and Tommy G. agreed to chop the winnings for $188.50 each. Tony S. earned the $20 bounty by taking out Brian K., and finished 3rd place as well. Brian K improved his points lead to 206, up from 191. Gordon jumps 2 places to 2nd, Tommy jumps 3 for 3rd and John, unable to improve his score last tournament, falls to 4th. The top 6 are separated by just 25 points, and the Player of the Year is still very much up for grabs. The last two tournaments are sure to be exciting!

Special Tournament: Scracth Off

The September special scracth off tourament had 15 players, each bringing $10 in cash, and $10 worth of Kentucky Lottery scracth off tickets. The tournament payed top 3, with a 50%, 30%, 20% split of the cash and tickets going to the winner. Jack R. took it down and added $100 to his winnings after a lenghtly scraching session.

Eighth League Tournament
1st Place
Charles M.
$188 (chopped)
35 Points
2nd Place
Tommy G.
$188 (chopped)
36 Points
3rd Place
Tony S.
$102 + $20 Bounty
37 Points
4th Place
Randy Y.
32 Points
5th Place
Gordon B.
28 Points

Special Tournament 2
1st Place
Jack R.
$75 + $100
Ticket Winnings
2nd Place
Phil K.
3rd Place
Shawn S.