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August Heat

August saw 36 payers competing for the win. Congratulations to Brian K. for taking down first but he and Kay K. agreed to chop the winnings for $228 each. Bobby A. earned the $20 bounty by taking out Tom B., runner up at the prior tournament, and finished 5th place as well. John K's score remained at 188, but unfortunately that was not enough to hold back Brian K, who's win launched him to the top with 191. With only 17 points separating the top 5 players, the Player of the Year is still very much up for grabs, and the next few games will be quite the nail biters!

Seventh League Tournament
1st Place
Brian K.
44 Points
2nd Place
Kay K.
41 Points
3rd Place
David R.
38 Points
4th Place
Travis N.
41 Points
5th Place
Bobby A.
$35 + $20 bounty
37 Points