Providing the opportunity for members to play poker in a safe environment with awesome people within a friendly social atmosphere for more than 15 years.

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About Louisville Poker Society

Thanks for visiting the home of The Louisville Poker Society, Inc., a Kentucky non-profit private social club in Louisville, KY. Our club's primary benefit to members is our Texas Hold'em league, which meets for 10 tournaments during the year with a Main Event tournament at the end of the year. While we are a private club, we do occasionally allow guests to participate in the hopes of expanding our membership. If you would like to be notified when such games occur, please use our contact form.

The Louisville Poker Society was formed in March of 2006 by Jack Riddle as an open home-based poker league. Jack had hosted a number of individual tournaments in prior years, and saw a great deal of interest among some of the regular players for more frequent games. The 2006 league was the result of that desire.

With the large player base and desire for more tournament action realized during the first season, in late 2006 Louisville Poker Society Inc. became a private social club. Although our total receipts do not meet the level required to apply for an IRS non-profit designation, we operate as a 503(c)7 organization. Our members pay yearly dues that provide rent, cards, supplies and prizes.

2021 marks our 16th year of Kentuckiana poker!

Membership Information

Our club is dues supported, with 100% of the dues supporting the club through rent and supplies, with the remainder going back to the membership at our Main Event. The President and Directors do not earn any wages or compensation for their services.

Members pay annual dues of $50. Full members are entitled to attend all events throughout the year, including league tournaments, special tournaments, and the Main Event. They are also eligible for end-of-season awards and prizes.

All membership terms are perpetual, renewing each calendar year with annual dues being payable before the first season tournament.