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Last Tournament Summary:

We saw 39 happy faces for our June tournament. Dave R. won the tournament and solidified his standing. Joel F. elimited Andy M. for the $20 bounty, but fell in 14th position.

Dave R's win pushes his lead even further, improving from 122 points to 175, leading Bobby A. by 34 points. Tommy G. slips from 2nd to 3rd with 128 points. Numbers 4, 5, and 6 are holding their positions with only 4 of the possible 5 games so there is plenty of room for improvement.

Tournament Results, League Game 5

Final hand photo

First Place

first place photo
David R.
53 Points

Second Place

second place photo
Kay K.
42 Points

Third Place

third place photo
Shaun S.
43 Points

Fourth Place

fourth place photo
Norma E.
38 Points

Fifth Place

fifth place photo
Don R.
41 Points