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Last regular game of the season

We had 44 players for the final league game in November. Top two chopped cash, but Tom B. took 1st place in play and $279. John K. was playing for free when he earned the bounty by eliminating Brennan P. at 26th position, but fell himself in 15th.

Once again, Jason P.'s score is unchanged at 286 points. However, Dave R. ran deep in the tournament and improved over a previous tournament enough to steal the lead with 290. Lee P. came up to 3rd place with a final score of 267.

Tournament Results, League Game 10

Final hand photo

First Place

first place photo
Tom B.
55 Points

Second Place

second place photo
Bob W.
52 Points

Third Place

third place photo
Mike J.
49 Points

Fourth Place

fourth place photo
Denise R.
44 Points

Fifth Place

fifth place photo
Lee P.
42 Points