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Only one left

We had 34 players come out for our ninth tournament of the 2018 season. Congrats to Mike C., winner and $248 richer. Tim H. scored the bounty by taking out Gordon B. at 12th and finished 3rd. Last month, the top four spots were unchanged, but one player decided to change that this time around. Tommy G. improved a previous score and jumped 12 points--which is quite a bit late in the season--to move from fourth to first. Bobby A, Don R., and Bert B. all drop a position and Tommy enjoy's a 7 point lead heading into the last match.

As we only count the top 6 tournaments each season, things get tricky near the end. Tommy's current worst tournament of his top 6 was for 17 points, meaning he needs to make more than that to improve his score in November. Bobby in 2nd place has a bigger hill to climb. His lowest performance is 27 points, meaning he needs to earn 32 to best Tommy provided Tommy doesn't improve himself. Bert B. needs 15 to pass Tommy, and added to his lowest performance, he'll need to score 33 to take Player of the Year. Randy Y. in fourth place needs 36 points to pull it off. Tom B. in fifth would need 46 points to drop his lowest and take the top. Any of these contenders have a shot:

Average scores by position, 2018

  1. 47
  2. 45
  3. 41
  4. 38
  5. 35

Ninth League Tournament
1st Place
Mike C.
45 Points
2nd Place
Tom B.
41 Points
3rd Place
Tim H.
$108 + $20 Bounty
41 Points
4th Place
Spencer G.
34 Points
5th Place
David R.
33 Points