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Last Tournament Summary:

Our September tournament has 34 players. Congrats to Isabel M. for taking first and earning $264 and 45 points. Jesse H. took the bounty, eliminating Larry A. at 25th position, but fell himself at 10th.

Dave R. still holds 1st and his score still remains unchanged at 204, almost as though he is taunting others to catch him. Bobby A. dropped from 2nd to 3rd, supplanted by Kay K. rising from 5th and trailing Dave by just 5 points. Gordon B. holds 4th with 190 and Nevitte J sits at 5th with 183. With two games of the season left, who knows what will happen!

Tournament Results, League Game 8

Final hand photo

First Place

first place photo
Isabel M.
45 Points

Second Place

second place photo
Andy R.
40 Points

Third Place

third place photo
Jack R.
38 Points

Fourth Place

fourth place photo
Shaun S.
40 Points

Fifth Place

fifth place photo
Brandon N.
34 Points