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The children start school now in August. They say it has to do with air-conditioning, but I know sadism when I see it. ~~ Rick Bragg

We had a table-busting 50 players for our August tournament. Congrats to Tony S. for taking first and earning $392. Eric B. took the bounty when he knocked out David R., and finished in 3rd place

David R still holds the top spot, adding another 6 points to his score for 245. David also has the most knockouts this season, with 21 showing us he has a list and our names are all one it. The next closest is Joel F. with 14 knock outs. Right behind David is Don R. with 233 points, and Kay K. in 3rd with 203. The top 13 players all have 6 games making up their score, meaning they have to improve a prior performance to bump up. However, there are still some people with less than 6 games within striking distance, such as Tony S., who could get there with a couple of wins.

Only three tournaments remain until we crown our victor!

Sixth League Tournament
1st Place
Tony S.
58 Points
2nd Place
Phil K.
59 Points
3rd Place
Eric B.
$171 + $20 bounty
58 Points
4th Place
Shawn S.
58 Points
5th Place
Don R.
51 Points