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Things are heating up!

In August, 47 players showed up for our 7th tournament. Congrats to Don R. for taking down first for a cool $368. Mike Jeans got the bounty for taking out Jason P. in 16th place, but fell himself in 9th.

Jason P. added the full 33 points from this game to his score, and holds down 1st with a comfortable 286 points. Next in line is Dave R. with 249, bumping Jonathan C. down to 4th with 232. Kay K. added 35 points to her score, and stays in 3rd with 244. Eric B. dropped 5 spots to 10th, and Steve R. comes up to grab 5th with 211. The top 11 players have 6 games under their belt, so now things will likely slow down a bit as after 6 tournaments, you can only add to your score by improving over a previous tournament.

Tournament Results, League Game 7

Final hand photo

First Place

first place photo
Don R.
55 Points

Second Place

second place photo
David R.
50 Points

Third Place

third place photo
Johnathan D.
54 Points

Fourth Place

fourth place photo
Justin L.
55 Points

Fifth Place

fifth place photo
Bobby A.
47 Points